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RE/MAX 8- Miracle Office 2020

Life as we knew it is over… for now. When watching the news you can often be left with a feeling that the new mentality of the world is “every man for himself”. It seems as if there simply isn’t time to stop and think what your neighbors might need.

This is not the case for RE/MAX 8 and the “Sold Team” in Blacksburg! To say they’ve pulled together to help their community during these difficult times is an understatement.

First, let’s start with RE/MAX 8. They are ALREADY an official Miracle Office for 2020! This means the agents working at RE/MAX 8 have collectively raised over $2,000 for their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital (CMNH), Carilion Children’s! This money is being raised primarily through agents donating a portion of their commission checks to CMNH year-round. That means they aren’t done yet! This is the ultimate act of selflessness. We are forever grateful.

Next, we have a team of RE/MAX 8 agents who go by the name, “Sold Team”. This wonderful team is partnering with Cascade Laundromat to help those in need of laundry services in Giles County. If you or someone you know is unable to leave their home, the “Sold Team” can help with free pick-up & return of clean laundry.

Call (540) 626-5015 to schedule a pick-up!

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In addition to their partnership with Cascade Laundromat, the “Sold Team” is also joining forces with Bluegrass BBQ to help serve their community during these trying times. A single $10 donation will provide a local senior with a hot meal delivered to their doorstep. Meals are prepared from Bluegrass BBQ’s delivery menu.

There is an increasing number of senior citizens in our community that need help during this crisis. Many are stuck inside due to health concerns and are having trouble getting groceries, medication, and preparing meals. Visit or give them a call at (540) 626-2271 to donate a meal or two. Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated.

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It’s humbling to see a group of people come together for the greater good. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Carilion Children’s are both extremely grateful to have the ability to partner with such wonderful individuals.

Thank you for all you do.


CMNH, Carilion Children’s