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Children’s Hospitals Week

In celebration of #ChildrensHospitalsWeek, a week raising awareness for children’s hospitals and their critical need for donations, I’d like to bring your attention to Meg, an absolutely amazing little girl in our community who climbing mountains every day. #MountainsForMeg

Raising awareness for Carilion Children’s and every other children’s hospitals ensures Meg and all the other children fighting their battles can continue CONQUERING THE WORLD!

Below is a brief passage written by Meg’s mom to shed some light on what they are currently going through. Please read and dig deep into your heart as we send love and positive thoughts to Meg and her family!

“Please say a prayer for Sweet Meg and Todd who have to visit the hospital this morning for blood work. Unfortunately, this blood work had to be done and could not be postponed. We are praying we get the results the doctors need because if we don’t we will have to have more testing that would be inpatient. Due to all of the restrictions, only one parent could go with her. Today Todd is taking her. Please says lots of prayers that the blood work goes well and we can avoid all the germs. My mama heart is extremely sad and scared. Daddy is scared and anxious. We know this is just another mountain to climb but his one just seems so much taller!”

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