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Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing. – Wayne Dyer

Drew’s life changed very suddenly on November 23, 2018, just days before his 18th birthday. Prior to that day, he will tell you he was enjoying his senior year, playing football, living life like just a normal high school student. What wasn’t normal was the persisting fatigue, back pain and eventual nausea that prompted a doctors visit, and an immediate Emergency Department admission.

On his 18th birthday, Drew began treatment for testicular cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes. Over the course of his initial 3-months of treatment Drew spent a total of 26 days in the hospital. After treatment, Drew rallied to resume the fun senior year he was destined to have. He was crowned Homecoming King and went on to enroll in Virginia Western Community College!

However, Drew recently had scans done and it showed the cancer had returned. His family knew they had about a 30% chance of this happening. So again, for the second year in a row, Drew and his amazingly supportive family spent the Thanksgiving holiday in a hospital battling cancer. Drew’s Crew of friends, family, and supporters anxiously waited for the outcome. We are very happy to report that Drew had a successful 5-hour surgery to remove tumors and lymph nodes in his abdominal area, near his kidneys!

Continuing to make miracles happen…

His mom shared with us that he has an impressive new scar to match his even more impressive spirit! His tenacious approach to overcoming cancer is probably what led him to be a force on the football and track field! He is already planning his return to his school work and his positive outlook on life has never swayed. Drew approaches every day with the biggest smile and is a true inspiration to everyone around him.

374 days later and Drew just celebrated his 19th Birthday (yesterday)!!! Happy belated Drew!