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National Super Hero Day

This holiday began in 1995 when employees at Marvel Comics decided it would be fun to have a day dedicated to the characters in the stories they created. They sent a team of interns out into central Pennsylvania to research how people felt about superheroes and what they thought the most interesting superpowers were. Over time, the meaning of the holiday grew to include heroes both real and fictional. It’s a day to honor the people who serve their communities and embody what a hero should be.

But Super Hero Day has taken on a new meaning this year. It seems like everyone we come across is a superhero in some way. Whether it’s our CMN Hospitals national partners donating time, food, and PPE to their local hospitals, my co-workers who continue working hard on raising funds for our Employee Relief Fund, the nurses, physicians, and staff at Carilion Children’s who are constantly putting themselves at risk by coming work every day to care for the sick, employees at the grocery store stocking shelves and taking orders to strangers vehicles, restaurants donating food to the hospital staff… the list goes on.

So, today’s post goes out to everyone! Everyone doing what they can to help the community running and the world spinning.