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Can we talk about miracles for a minute?

I’d like to introduce you to Meg. She is our Children’s Miracle Network Champion for Carilion Children’s and we think she’s pretty amazing. 😉

Meg is 6 years old and was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, Cerebral Palsy Ataxia and Short Stature. Although she is has a difficult time moving around and struggles to verbalize what she wants to say and explain how she feels, Meg has reached amazing milestones! She recently learned how to sit up on her own and continuously makes huge strides in her communication!

One of her favorite items is a pink and green wheelchair with the coolest owls on the spokes—which she picked it out all by herself.  Despite the challenges that face her, Meg is a very happy and determined little girl. <3

Meg lives in Roanoke with her mom, dad, and two loving big sisters and is now in kindergarten! School has been extremely beneficial because not only is she socializing with children her age, but she is also receiving additional therapy.

Meg loves hanging out with her sisters and playing with babies and horses and is the most determined and polite little girl– even when we are at the hospital and she is receiving an IV, she will sign “Thank you” when they are done. Meg is a true hero and inspiration to us!