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Miracle Monday- Everyday Evan

Today I want to introduce you to Evan! Evan is not even 2 years old yet and has seen more of the hospital than many will see in a life time. Evan’s parents, Brooke and Alex, knew that before Evan was born, he was going to face challenges. During his initial anatomy scan, the doctors told them that Evan had several anomalies, including being very small and not growing proportionally.

The Beginning

At just 34 weeks, little Evan was born and began his stay in the NICU. During their initial stay, which was 87 days, Evan gave them a couple scares as he took his time to “learn to be a person” as the nurses told the family. Evan grew and began to improve and the day he could finally go home with his parents was approaching!

To prepare to go home, Brooke and Alex spent time with Evan in the overnight room on the NICU floor. Here they practiced on their own the day-to-day care that Evan would need. This opportunity allowed them to apply all the tips and tricks the nurses taught them, with the comfort of knowing if something went wrong, the nurses were right through the door. Brooke and Alex were finally able to bring baby Evan home, confident and capable of being Evan’s lifeline and including knowing how to properly care for his g-tube.

Moving Forward

Evan has spent time in the hospital because of pneumonia, bilateral inguinal hernias and other respiratory concerns. But Evan continues to fight and get stronger everyday! He spends a lot of time at Carilion Children’s outpatient therapies as well. Evan sees doctors for Early Intervention Services, PT and OT and is still working on holding up his head.

Through all of this, Evan chooses to be the bright light in the room! Evan loves to flirt with the nurses and make everyone laugh. He loves music, lights and being tickled. Evan also loves to be surrounded by people and is always on the scoot! Brooke says the nurses and doctors have become like family. She even calls their children Evan’s “care team cousins!” Brooke and Alex are so thankful to have the specialists nearby to help Evan through his life!

Please consider donating to Children’s Miracle Network! Our little wonders like Evan need your love and support! <3