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Meet Meg!

Describing Meg in 3 words is very easy:  Happy, Determined, Loving

Meg is 3 years old and was diagnosed a year ago with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, Cerebral Palsy Ataxia and Short Stature.  Due to the disorders that Meg has she is unable to move around and has a hard time verbalizing what she wants to say.  Her developmental issues have been a challenge, and a feeding tube has made things a little easier.  One of Meg’s favorite items is a pink and green wheelchair with the coolest owls on the spokes—which she picked it out all by herself.  Despite these many challenges, Meg is a very happy and determined little girl.  She wants to be independent.

Meg spends a lot of time at weekly physical and speech therapy sessions.  Last year, Meg had to visit the Emergency Department multiple times.  She was hospitalized 4 different times for multiple days each stay.  She also gets to participate in Hippo Therapy at Healing Strides.  Hippo Therapy has made such an amazing impact on Meg.  When she started the program last year, she was not a fan of horses but, as the year went on those horses became her friends.  These therapy programs provide so much for Meg; not only is she learning how to move and speak but, she is also having fun.  We are delighted in the progress that she has made in a year.

Meg lives in Roanoke with her Mom, (Meredith), Dad (Todd) and two loving big sisters- Ally, 9 and Teagan, 7.  Meg attends a local Roanoke County Preschool program.  This program has been extremely beneficial because not only is she socializing with children her age, but she is also receiving additional therapy.  Meg loves hanging out with her sisters, Ally and Teagan, and playing with babies and horses.  Meg is the most determined and polite little girl– even when we are at the hospital and she is receiving an IV, she will sign “Thank you” when they are done.

We would like to say thank you to Children’s Miracle Network of Roanoke and Carillion Children’s.  This past year has had its ups and downs but both CMNH and Carillion Children’s have been amazing to us.  We also would like to thank Nurse Reagan—the Best Pediatric ER Nurse around; every time we would come to the ER she provided us with excellent care, guidance and most of all love to Meg.  Nurse Reagan is the most loving nurse we have ever met.  We also would like to thank our amazing Physical Therapist Lauren and Speech Therapist Samantha.  Meg spends a ton of time with these amazing women and thoroughly enjoys their company as they push her and teach her invaluable life skills.  The amount of progress that she has made because of these two is outstanding.  We would like to thank our Sweet Nicole (Meg calls “Cole”) for taking amazing care of Meg.  “Cole” spends countless hours with Meg and takes her to and from therapy sessions!  Last but not least, we would like to thank all of our amazing family and friends– without you all we would have never had made it through this past year!