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Breaking Limitations

To finish #ChildrensHospitalsWeek with a bang, I’d like to introduce to our first ever guest blogger, Makayla Lester. Makayla is the mom of two dear twin boys and the rock of an amazing Miracle Family. This is WHY we raise funds for our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. This is WHERE your donations are going. This is WHO you are helping.

Here’s the story of Kade and Keaton <3

Over the past 3 years, our family has lived with limitations. Limitations on how every moment of our daily lives were spent.  

In 2017, Kade and Keaton were just born (twins!) and their lives were limited to a small incubator in the NICU for many months. After graduating from the incubator beds, a different kind of limitation began. This limitation doubled as a new type of freedom… freedom to the open air but now the cords, tubes, and surgeries bound them to a new limit.

Fragile lives held together by God’s grace could be found in these two little boys.

After months passed, the boys were discharged at different times to come home. This new limitation brought about what was best for the boys’ lives. Kade came home in June and Keaton followed in September. Once all home under the same roof, we were blessed but knew we were still limited. The limitations became a new way of life for several months. Their fragile lives began adjusting to life at home and us living with oxygen, a heart monitor, and a feeding tube with Keaton.

Day in and day out, with therapies every week, the boys became stronger and bigger. Before we knew it, they hit their biggest milestone; they were a year old. Over the next two years, life seemed to become more normal for Kade and Keaton. Outgrowing the days of the NICU but never forgetting the memories that time made.

Today at three years old, I am proud to say the boys live a normal life with no limitations. For so long their lives were limited due to health complications but thanks to the power of prayer and the strength of time, they are happy healthy and typical three-year-olds.